Free tattoo removal

Many people want to remove tattoos that they have since come to regret, but they feel that they cannot afford the cost. What many people fail to realize is that free tattoo removal can be available in certain circumstances.

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free tattoo removal

The legacy of tattoos

Many people have tattoos when they are young. It feels good to be a little wild and crazy and to express yourself in a way that other people can enjoy. However many people with tattoos regret them in later life. Maybe they were drunk when they had the tattoo, maybe the tattoo was made to commemorate a lover with whom they have since spilt, or maybe they have just gone off the idea of it. Unfortunately tattoos are designed to last for life and it is often difficult and expensive to have them removed. It is not uncommon to want a tattoo removed. According to the American Society of Dermatological Surgery, over 50% of everyone who has had a tattoo wants it removed. In fact for married people, the figure rises to 70%.

Unfortunately people do not appreciate the emotional and social risks of having a tattoo. The emotional risks include feelings of regret and poor self-image. Social risks include not being able to get a job in later life or alienating friends and acquaintances.

Cover up tattoo

Some people decide to cover up their tattoo. A skillful tattoo artist may be able to hide the offending tattoo with a new one. This is possible if the unwanted tattoo is made with lighter ink. Alternatively it may be possible to alter the unwanted tattoo so that it becomes something else. Johnny Depp famously changed his tattoo ‘Winona forever’ in commemoration of his ex-girlfriend Winona Ryder to ‘Wino Forever’, after he and Winona had broken up.

Laser tattoo treatment

Laser tattoo treatment using Q-switched lasers is the recommended option. It is not pain free, and the pain has been described as being worse than having the tattoo. However the pain can be controlled by applying a local anesthetic cream prior to treatment. There is a small risk of skin discoloration but fortunately scarring is very rare with modern lasers. Several sessions are normally needed. The sessions are spaced eight weeks apart. It is unwise to have sessions more closely together there is an increased risk of scarring. There is no getting away from the fact that laser treatment is expensive. The cost of laser treatment can run from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Does tattoo removal cream work

Tattoo removal creams are advertised online as an inexpensive method of home tattoo removal. Unfortunately there is no medical evidence that they will work. Some users have reported that some creams can fade tattoos slightly but not get rid of them.

Free tattoo removal

Occasionally, established laser surgery centers will offer free tattoo removal. For example a center in Houston offered new patients free laser tattoo removal in Valentine’s Day a few years ago. Be sure to keep a lookout for such special offers.

In many urban areas free tattoo removal is offered to former gang members and individuals from deprived neighborhoods.

Another option would be to approach your local medical school. Some medical schools offer free tattoo removal if you are willing to be operated by a trainee surgeon. Do not worry because the process will be supervised by fully qualified practitioners.

Some centers offer substantial discounts to military, police and firefighters.

The best way to find free tattoo removal treatment is to start making enquires at your local laser surgery center.

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